Slastix 174 Pro Power Band

Slastix� Pro Power Band
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Slastix Pro Medium-Black Sleeve
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Slastix Pro Light-Black Sleeve
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Slastix Pro Super Heavy-Black Sleeve
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Slastix Pro Very Heavy-Black Sleeve
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Slastix Pro Heavy-Black Sleeve
SKU: #1379883
    • Slastix technology incorporates a Safety Sleeve that encloses the latex tubing to protect it from wear, and provides stretch limitation during training  
    • The Pro Power Band is two 48" bands attached by a 10" fabric loop that can be attached to virtually any stationary support and 2 handles on either end
Additional Information:
Material 1379880
SKU GRP1006052
Product Id (PID) 79857
Ship Method Ships FedEx
Manufacturer Part Number SP48VL