Marksmart Trade Soccer Field Marking Kit

MarkSmart™ Soccer Field Marking Kit

    When you use the MarkSmart™ Soccer Field Marking Kit to map out your soccer field, you can set the markers and leave them in the grass, so you won't need to re-measure the field each season. This low-maintenance solution simplifies field lining, so your soccer pitch looks great year after year. With all the necessary sockets, pegs and installation tools, you can measure out the critical boundary and center lines, then paint between the points using the included twine for precise results each time.

    • Use to create a regulation-size soccer field on any grassy field
    • 25 sockets with plugs line the field at critical locations, so you can precisely map out each crucial point, from the sidelines to the goal box
    • Twine allows you to create visible lines between points for easy paint lining
    • Permanent reference points stay anchored in the ground, even when grass is mowed
    • Includes necessary installation tools, so you can set the points and leave them in the ground season after season
    • Brand: MarkSmart™
    • Color: Black, White
    • Color Family: Black
    • Quantity: 25 (ground sockets and plugs); 8 (field-lining pegs); 1 (installation tool, twine, socket setter)


    • Set includes: 25 sockets with plugs, 8 line pegs, installation accessory kit (IAK).
    • All the necessary tools and products to establish permanent reference points for a regulation soccer field
Additional Information:
Material MKSLP25
Product Id (PID) 61560
Weight 9.1500 LB
Brand Markers Inc
Ship Method Ships FedEx
Manufacturer Part Number SLP25