300 Homerun Fence Package

SmartPole Ground Sockets - Set of 48
SKU: #BS13518
300' Homerun Fence - Complete Set
SKU: #BS13515
    Going. Going. Gone. It's outta here! 300' Homerun Fence - Complete Set gives your batters a place to aim. You are now able to buy fabricated Enduro fencing in a single piece to create a homerun fence without gaps or overlap — 300' from home plate. The complete set comes with 4'H x 471'L fence, 48 poles and pilot hole. Also, includes tape measure to assist with proper pole layout. Ground sockets are optional (sold separately). After all the hours of batting practice, give your hitters an easy-to-see goal when they're at bat. When they hit one long, and it goes over the 300' Homerun Fence, the fans will cheer! Weighs 245 lbs.
    COLOR: Dark Green.

    Package includes:

    • 471' of Enduro fence
    • 48 Enduro poles
    • Pilot-hole tool
    • Measuring tape
    • Optional ground sockets not included (see below)
    • Dark Green only
Additional Information:
Material BS13515
SKU GRP10047
Product Id (PID) 59098
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